Sunday, 13 November 2016

Prep/market day

I love prep well prep for market day me juven and Emm where in a group we frist wanted to make Pom Pom Birds in bird houses but that did not go so well so we started makeing Pom Pom critters for market day all we did was make Pom poms using  are hands and some wool then we used paper and pens to make the eyes and mouth of the Pom poms it was so fun to make them with Emma and juven we had some ups and downs but had a lot off I wish we could do prep again please please please David 

Thursday, 22 September 2016


In class for math we did Measurement challenge we had 3 problems then we got to pick to do some workshops with Elly Nic or Troy they we all difrent types of Measurement and then after 2 weeks we did the test again then after we Took the test again then we had to make a slide about it here is the slide

feedback and feedforward patrick: I like how you explained what completely happened but next time try to squeeze a tiny bit more information about it
Thanks patrick i will try to add more next time

Sunday, 18 September 2016


I LOVE DOING KAPAHAKA SO MUCH I love doing it on Mondays seeing Rosie and Nic it is so fun we were so lucky we got to go to the Nothven cluster (by the way it is not a competition ) the Nothven cluster is a group of school in the Nothven part of Palmerston North and they all came to share there lerning like kapahaka or dance we only did kapahaka befor we went we got to perform for the hole school it was so cool here is a video

Then after we had are live performance I would show you a video but it dose not want to work

Feedback and feedforward: Great job Maya, you practiced really hard and listened most of the time. Next time try to not look nervous
Thanks Patrick but how did I look nervous?

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Book buddies

In class we are doing book buddies I am book buddies with kayla she is cool 😎 we are reading Georges marvellous medicine but we have finish this book the first book we read was the 56 story tree house but now we have to pick a new book we can not get a book out right now because the book fair is on now but will can get a new book on monday i like working with kayla she is fun sad we have not done a  discussion yet & we have been through 2 books 2 BOOKS!!! the resin we have not video is because there is not place do do it because people take places like the office & the libiry i love working with kayla in book buddies her is my slide about what me & kayla have done

Monday, 22 August 2016


This terms goal has Panekiretanga Panekiretanga means excellence in Maori we got told to copy this slide and fill it in one of the things we had to do was  we had to get a meme maker app on your I pad I got meme maker I you look at thee slide your will Se my meme it is to make yourself happy you need to make some one else happy first next we had to see what describe 3 personal examples of excelled I did two because that is all I could think of that I do for excelled
Feedback/feedford I like your meme but mabey you could put 3 example of excellence from kiana
I think that to but I just could not think of something 

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Discovery time week 2

Today we did discovery time I was sick on the first week so I was so exited I Di a lot of things at first I did the uniclecels I love them it was just me ands Patrick because ther was only one uniclecel I did very well because I did it last year a challenge that I had was to stay on I completed this challeng by not going to fast or I would have fallin. The next thing I di is I tyres the stills it was hard because both of the stilts wore difrent one was to big and one was to small so I went and did something else but then later I found a medium size one and then after that I went inside me Fyfe and arisha we into the little tent I was emtey so me and Fyfe graphed some ukealales andd started playing them we play hey ho and dongato the cat and then arisha got a ukealale and started playing we had I grate time it was great first discovery time 

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Sport start

I. Class we have been doing sport star and playing a game called gate is when you are standing in a gate in my case 2 cones you poruple think this game is boring  well it is not you have to have a challenge my challenge was to catch with one hand becuse I am not so good at that here is a video of me and Shaiv playing gate ways